Dolly Parton Uses Vt-737sp on Her Latest Album
"Halos and Horns"

Dolly Parton used the Avalon Vt-737sp for her vocal mic preamp on her new album "Halos and Horns".

Below is an exerpt of a recent Mix Magazine Interview with Studio Owner and Mix Engineer Danny Brown:

... When Brown began working with Parton's voice, he initially worked with a Neumann M149, and his mic pre of choice was a Drawmer 1969. “The Drawmer 1969 seemed to sound the best with Dolly's vocal and the M149,” says Brown. “Though the M149 is very EQ-friendly, we found we had to add quite a bit of 5k to 12k to get the presence Dolly was looking for. We then brought in a Sony C-800G, and the results were fantastic. Her voice translated so well through this mic with no EQ at all.” The Avalon VT-737 became the mic pre of choice for the Sony mic and Parton's voice.

“One of the great aspects of the Sony is that it has little to no off-axis coloration, even in the cardioid position. Every time Dolly stepped up to the mic, she delivered a vocal performance; every song, every vocal track,” Brown adds. “She is a very emotional singer. Her mouth never stayed right in front of the mic. The Sony was very forgiving and seemed to capture every detail of her voice, no matter where her head was turned. We were all very pleased with the end result.”

A new Universal Audio LA-2A was used on her vocals during the mix. Parton's vocals were tracked without EQ and just about 1 to 2 dB of compression from the Avalon VT-737. During the mix, the LA-2A was used with a bit of EQ from the VT-737, mostly just to add a little more air to her sound.

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