Avalon User Lou Reed

Interview in Media Line Magazine

Lou Reed with Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar, Rob Santos, and Lolabelle (the dog),
at The Lodge
(Avalon AD2077 and AD2055 on right) in NYC March 2003


Avalon user Lou Reed was recently interviewed in MediaLine Magazine. In the interview Lou talks about his new album The Raven as well as his latest remastering project , NYC Man: The Ultimate Lou Reed Collection, with Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar.

"Mastering is such an astonishing experience." Says Lou, "The technology has improved in a staggering way. BMG gave me a shot at it. I was able to go back to all of the old Velvet Underground records on up and really make them sound the way they're suppose to sound."

Lou Reed owns over ten Avalon U5 direct boxes for various instruments and uses the Vt-737sp Preamp-Compressor-EQ on his vocals.

Emily Lazar's, The Lodge is loaded with Avalon's AD2077 Mastering Equalizer, AD2055 Stereo Equalizer, AD2044 Stereo Compressor, Vt-747sp Stereo Compressor-EQ, and two Vt-737sp Preamp-Compressor-Equalizers.

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