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(Vt-737sp’s on AC/DC 2001 World Tour)

AD2022 “Powers” Devin

Reviewers buy AD2022
The new AD2022 Pure Class A Dual Mono Microphone Preamplifier has now been reviewed by four industry magazines. Two reviewers purchased the unit and said that it is the best mic pre that they have ever heard and couldn’t live without it. Another reviewer loaned it to a leading mix engineer for feedback who used it on the entire project and begged to keep it... Check out the reviews on our website: www.avalondesign.com.

Devin Powers is Music Supervisor/Composer for the relationship television productions “Blind Date” and “Chains of Love”. He also has written and produced music for the television series Providence, Ed, and Third Watch. Devin is frontman for The Vents and has toured extensively as lead guitarist and co-writer with The Who’s bassist John Entwistle and Stray Cats’ bassist Lee Rocker. Devin has been a happy Avalon user for years and has recently added another AD2022.
“The AD2022 is the most powerful preamp I have ever used. I use it on everything: Mics, keyboards, sound modules, synths, guitars and bass. I have never heard a bass sound so controlled and big... Amazing!”



AD2022 Shines On
“I'm rediscovering my mic collection with the AD2022! The impedance selection is extremely effective!”
- Steve L., NY

“I first listened to the F... and I didn’t like that at all. I then listened to the Vt-737sp and it sounded much better. Really a great sound. Then I listened to the AD2022 and it blew me away. I had to buy it.” - Mark S., CA


“Lowering the input impedance on the AD2022 for recording electric guitars (SM57 mic) gave me a low mid-range presence that was unbelievable! - John B., CA

“For years I have been using an M5 exclusivly for vocals. Half way through a session with Alanis we replaced the M5 with an AD2022. Alanis immediately noticed a difference in her headphones. The AD2022 sounded bigger and better (which I thought was not possible). The AD2022 just replaced my M5 as the best mic pre I have ever heard.” Rob J., CA

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