Avalon Adds to its User List

Below are a few artists who have purchased Avalon gear over the past few months to help them make their music. For the record, Avalon does not have an artist endorsement policy. These artists did not get gear for free. They simply belive that in order to do their job well, they need to use the best tools available.


AC/DC guitarist Angus Young uses two Vt-737sp to mic his amp in the main mix.


Singer Christina Aguilara uses a Vt-737sp on her vocal as well as a Vt-747sp on the main mix for her current tour.


Limp Bizkit recently purchased four AD2022's to use for recording their next album. The band used Vt-737sp's and M5's on their last album.

Guitarist Mark Knoffler has twelve U5's on his current solo tour. The U5's are used for guitars, keyboards and bass guitar.


Mix Engineer Robert Collins recently purchased two U5's for Eric Clapton's acoustic guitars to be used on his current tour.



Roxy Music recently purchased two U5's for Keyboards and two Vt-737sp's for vocals for their 2001 tour.

Canadian sensation Nelly Furtado uses a Vt-737sp in the studio and live on her vocals.


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