Bassist Reggie McBride using the

Avalon Vt-737sp as Bass Preamp

Bassist Reggie McBride recently purchased a Vt-737sp to use as his bass preamp for live performances and studio recording. Reggie recently finished touring with blues guitarist and singer Keb'Mo where he played his acoustic bass through the Vt-737sp.

"Keb'Mo's mix engineer set me up with the Vt-737sp and I fell in love with it. Once I finished the tour I had to get one for myself for all of my other gigs. It really helps the bass cut through the mix. It has wonderful tonality and low end definition."

In addtion to playing with Keb'Mo' Reggie has played with Stevie Wonder, Robby Rieger, Taj Mahal, and many others.



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