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The Bently of DI Boxes


by Oliver Poschmann: Artist/Author -

The U5

Since the mid-80s the Californian company Avalon has developed a solid name as a manufacturer of high-quality studios. The U5 D.I. Box is one of the most inexpensive products in the program, but still belongs to the upper class. Equipped with a Class A amplifier of the highest signal quality, it is universally applicable for all kinds of instruments, especially for those with very low output, as is the case, for example, with Piezoton pickups.

The U5 is the first of a total of three DI boxes tested by us during the test marathon, which require 220 volts alternating current and therefore generally differ from the stompbox format of the previously mentioned products. The rich power supply provides the basis for a higher signal quality and more headroom, as we shall see.

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