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by Hannes Bieger: Producer/Mix Engineer -

The 747

"Since its inception, Avalon Design has been synonymous with consistently designed, high-powered Class-A transistor technology, since the Vt 747 SP is not an exception. Avalon Design has also been integrating tube switching circuits into some of its devices for some time. Thus, the Vt 747 SP is a hybrid device of a very special kind, because this processor is not an "either / or ..." - but a "both / ..." machine. In other words, in most conventional hybrid circuits, different tube and transistor stages operate simultaneously. The Vt 747 SP is different: not only does the case combine a stereo compressor and a stereo EQ, the whole unit has been equipped with two parallel signal paths. If desired, the processor can be operated completely with active stages based on discrete Class-A transistor stages. At the touch of a button, however, the Vt 747 SP mutates into a tube device, in which the critical amplifying transistor stages in the signal path are replaced by tube circuits. The manufacturer rightly speaks of a "Twin Signal Path" architecture."

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