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By Andreas_79

Am Satisfied

In the meantime have two of these Avalon preamps fetched and am really happy. 

Only a tiny little thing, one of my two Avalons is not clean and tipped (must not be properly screwed together, the tipping does not come from the device feet, but the housing is not even). 
Is indeed ne trifle, with the price I would not have expected. 
Since I screwed the two but in the rack, do not disturb. 

So now the most important of the sound. 

The preamp sounds neutral and does not color. 
If you want to have a coloring sound is absolutely wrong here. 
(Quote: Wire with gain would be the best). 
I had been looking for a preamp to keep the field of application universal. 

The instrument input is great for electric bass, fast attack and very direct response, nothing is missing. Noise is also not a topic, the instrument entrance is very quiet, at the beginning I thought the Avalon was broken so the noise was the entrance. 

The Mirkofone input can be switched in 2 impulses and connected via an input transformer (which is from the VT737). 
Of course, also 48Volt phantom power is available. 
Unfortunately, I have no high-quality microphones but my Rode NT1, NT55 and also a dynamic Audix OM7 sound very nice. 
The Gainreserven long for the condensation microphones easily, in addition, for too loud signals still a PAD. 
For the OM7 may be already tight. 
The OM7 is known for its rel. Weak output. 
For voice recordings in subdued volume (I know, for that is the OM7 eh the wrong micro) it could become narrow with the available gain. 
"Normal" Dynamic microphones are easy and benefit from the switchable impedance, with which the Kang can be influenced. 

The line input ... 
Is a balanced as balanced and XLR, with only one jack should be used. 

There is a line out, a impedance buffered directly out, and a transformer decoupled Hi-Z out to go directly into an amp. 
The output signal is applied simultaneously to all outputs. 
So you can easily re-amp. 

The sound switch was taken from the U5 and has different settings. Besides normal LowCut still some special EQ curves. 
For me it would have done the LowCut :-) 

A universal tool that can be used for anything. 
And of course build like a tank :-).

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