New User Update Summer 2002


Rolling Stones 40th Anniversary Tour

db sound recently purchased sixteen Avalon U5 direct boxes for the Rolling Stones to use on their 40th Anniversary Tour. The U5's will be used on nearly every instrument on the stage.



Keb'Mo' - An "All-Avalon" Signal Path

Keb'Mo' recently purchased two U5 direct boxes and an AD2055 equalizer for his steel and acoustic guitars along with a Vt-737sp for his vocal. Front of house engineer Dave Haskell says, "Kev's guitars go into the U5 then into the AD2055 EQ. I have never had so many good comments about the sound of his guitar and vocals."



Paul McCartney - Six U5's

Clair Brothers Audio purchased six U5's for Paul McCartney's Summer Tour. The U5's will be used on all acoustic guitars, bass guitars, as well as keyboards.


Weezer - U5

Weezer bassist Scott Shriner just purchased a U5 for his bass rig to be used both live and in the studio.


Colin Hay - Vt-737sp & U5

Colin Hay formerly leader of Men at Work recently purchased a Vt-737sp and U5 to use in his studio.


Hollywood Bowl - AD2000 Series Upgrade

Hollywood Bowl recently upgraded from two Avalon A19 rack systems to Avalon 2000 series equipment. Hollywood Bowl's new Avalon outboard rack now includes three AD2022 Microphone Preamps, two AD2044 Compressors and two AD2055 Equalizers. The Hollywood Bowl has been using Avalon equipment since 1993.


Indigo Girls - Four U5's

The Indigo Girls recently purchased four U5 direct boxes for their acoustic guitars and various acoustic instruments for their latest tour.


Charlie Daniels Band - Vt-737sp & U5's

The Charlie Daniel's Band purchased a Vt-737sp and two U5's to use on Charlie Daniel's lead vocal and fiddle, as well as on bass guitar. The new Avalon gear will be used both for live performances and in the studio.


Cher - Vt-737sp

Clair Brothers Audio purchased a Vt-737sp for Cher's recent tour. The Vt-737sp will be used on Cher's lead vocal.


Alanis Morissette - Vt-737sp

Front of house engineer Terry Pearson recently purchased a Vt-737sp to use on Alanis Morissette's lead vocal for her current tour. Alanis also used the Avalon AD2022 microphone preamp for lead vocals on her latest album.

Terry also purchased a number of Avalon U5 DI's and Vt-737sp's for use on the REM tour as well as David Byrne's recent tour.


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