Frequently Asked Questions

Road Use
Q: Is Avalon equipment durable enough for the road?
A: Yes. All Avalon equipment is literally "built like a tank" and built to last a lifetime - steel chassis, thick metal faceplate, aluminum knobs, circuit boards are screwed to chassis using stainless steel hardware, hand wired, and the list goes on. Artists including the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Keb'Mo, and many others use Avalon gear on tour.

Q: Can I change the voltage on my Avalon to use in different countries?
The internal power supply on the Vt-700 series equipment and the B2t power supply for the AD2000 series has selectable voltages: 100V, 120V, 220V, and 240V. The U5 has an internal switch to switch between 115V and 230V. It is very easy to change the voltage on any Avalon unit.

Tube Life
Q: How often will I need to change the tubes in my Vt-737sp / Vt-747sp?
A: The tubes in your 737sp are designed to operate for a minimum of 5,000 hours. We have seen units with tubes that have over 15,000 hours and are still operating within spec.
The way to tell if tubes are bad or failing:
1. Electronic Noise: All types from consistent high levels of hiss to random splats, static sounds and popcorn noise.
2. Microphonic Noise: To test for microphonic noise, simply tap the tube carefully with the rubber eraser at the end of a pencil. If you hear a loud ping or lasting ringing sound, the tube should be replaced.

Bulbs/Lamps Fuses
Q: Where can I find replacement bulbs, lamps and fuses?
A: The bulbs or lamps that Avalon uses to illuminate the VU meter are 14V 80MA mini bayonet bulb. You can find this bulb at many electronic part stores (Radio Shack Part Number 272-1117.) The approximate cost for these bulbs are US$1.50 for two.

The fuse that Avalon uses on all units except the U5 is a standard 1 amp 250V slow blow fuse 1 1/4" x 1/4" 3AG or MDL Type (Radio Shack Part Number: 270-1021). The U5 uses a 1 amp 250V slow blow fuse 5mm x 22mm. You can find them at Radio Shack here


Q: How can I have my Avalon serviced or repaired?
A: Click here

Q: How can I get the BabyFace Compressor Mod done on my Vt-737sp?
A: Our service center is able to do this. Schedule a repair and send your unit to us for modification. This can be done by clicking the repair link above.
> For Repair Shops: Attack Mod (PDF)

U5 Speaker Input
Q: How do you use the speaker input on the back of the U5?
A: The set up is as follows:
1. Connect your instrument to the input on your instrument amplifier.
2. Connect your amplifier speaker output to your speaker for normal operation
3. Connect a secondary speaker output from your amp or your speaker cabinet to the SPEAKER INPUT on the rear of the U5.
4. Press in the SPEAKER to INPUT on the front of the U5
5. Connect the line output on the U5 to the recording device or mixing console.
Click here to download a diagram.

Q: Where can I purchase Avalon internationally?
A: Click Here to find your local dealer

Preamp Differences
Q: What are the main differences between the M5, U5 and V5?
A: Click here to view the V5 Comparison Chart

Preamp Differences
Q: What are the main differences between the microphone preamplifiers in the Vt-737sp and the AD2022 (M5)?
A: The Vt-737sp is a vacuum tube preamp (uses four dual triode tubes) and includes an opto-compressor and equalizer. The AD2022 (dual channel) and M5 (mono), are Avalon's "top of the line" ultra-high performance solid state microphone preamps. The AD2022 (M5) preamp features 100% discrete electronics and no tubes. All Avalon Design preamps run in Class A mode and have enormous headroom and wonderful musicality. Sonically, the Vt-737sp has a more "close-up" sound whereas the AD2022 (M5) has a larger and more extended sound stage giving a deeper and more detailed three dimensional image (you hear more of the room). Click here for more...




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