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Emily Lazar
mastering engineer/ producer   
CEO, The Lodge, NYC

"I rely on the AD2077 mastering equalizer for its incredible depth and elegance. It is the most versatile EQ Iíve ever used. The integrity of the stereo image is both wide and true and the tonal range is extraordinary. I can achieve great control in the bass, while keeping the midrange smooth and precise...and the high-end air seems to go on forever!"

" When I need a touch of color, I turn to my VT-747SP. It gives me the flexibility of choosing whether I want to add the tube signal path or not...and that extra little EQ rocks!  Avalon truly sets the pace...absolutely brilliant!"

Emily has mastered albums for Taj Mahal, Sinead OíConnor, Mindless Self Indulgence, Saturday Night Liveí s 25th Anniversary Musical Performances, The original cast album for Hedwig and the Angry Inch, as well as soundtrack albums for Pokemon: the First Movie, Boys Donít Cry and American Psycho, among others.  

The Angel  
producer/artist/ composer 

"I engineer and program all the projects that I work on, which means that I'm always "under it" from a time standpoint.  While I'm forever experimenting with my setup in order to create "the angel" sound in my unorthodox way, I always search for the gear that gets me "there" most quickly and simply, with the highest quality.  In my case clean and pristine isn't the be all and end all, what I need more than anything is the right vibe and flavor.  Guitars, vocals, bass, horns, literally everything goes through my Avalon so I get plenty of fat, well compressed bottom end and super smooth EQ.  In the ever-evolving world of what can sometimes be called "clinical" digital recording, the VT-737SP puts the analog warmth I need back into my digital set up!"

The Angel, a.k.a. ď60 ChannelsĒ, has remixed The Pharcyde, Jody Watley, Spearhead and Donald Byrd and recently scored the box office hit ďBoiler RoomĒ.  

Jon Gass 

"My Avalon VT-747SP lives on the stereo buss, adding incredible air and punch. The flexibility of the two band filters in the sidechain allow me to fine tune the stereo buss compression, producing an explosive sound. The Avalon AD2055 is the best EQ I've ever heard. Having the cleanest low and low-mid frequencies, combined with the most open top-end makes this my favorite tool in the studio. I personally use five of these on all my mixes.  Even with the massive amounts of equalization, the sound stays musical and true.  I've been a devoted fan and owner for 10 years and counting (they didn't pay me for this). A sample of artists graced with Avalon processing"

Babyface, TLC, Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Boys II Men, Phil Collins, Dru Hill, David Bowie, N'Sync, Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Take 6, Michael Bolton, Faith Evans, Diana Ross, James Taylor, Usher...

ďThe Crystal MethodĒ  
electronic music composers   

"Dude...15Hz...hurts good!  Our sound immediately went First Class with the VT-737SP and the VT-747SP. The FATTEST bottom and cleanest top we've ever heard.  We were looking to step up our sound for our second album, and the VT-737SP and VT-747SP provided the answer!"


Kevin "K.D." Davis

"I made the switch to the Avalon AD2055 as my vocal EQ about three years ago and Iíve never gone back. The music I tend to work on is primarily vocal oriented. Therefore I demand an EQ that can accurately target exact frequencies and then allow me to shape the sound into the mix. The Avalon AD2055 fulfills this role flawlessly.  Anyone who is in the market for a powerful, high quality EQ should not pass up the AD2055. The sound is pure and distinct."

Kevin has engineered for many R&B artist such as Mariah Carey, NSync, Montell Jordan, Eric Benet, Tyrese, Coolio, Destinyís Child, and Boys to Men.

Rob Chiarell

mix engineer/producer

" First and foremost is the Avalon AD2055 EQ. In my opinion itís the best stereo EQ on the market.  Possibly the best ever made. I like it because it has a very natural, musical sound. Particularly noticeable are the clear open high frequencies and warm lows. I use it on whatever is most important in the mix.  Sometimes itís the lead vocal, sometimes the mix buss itself. It has saved a lot of records. Next for me is the VT-737SP mic preamp, line level, compressor and EQ. Itís also the best all in one box on the market. The EQ in the VT-737SP has similar qualities to the AD2055.

"The compression in the VT-737SP is smooth and musical, particularly good when using low ratios like 2:1 and 3:1. I always use this in combination with a Sony c800g microphone when cutting vocals and I have had numerous compliments. When mixing I also use the VT-737SP on lead and/or background vocals. I am often asked by producers about gear. The one box I tell them to get above all the rest (and first) is the VT-737SP because of its flexibility and great sound. The AD2044 compressor is one of my favorites for acoustic piano, stereo background vocals and also the mix buss. Once again, this is one of the most transparent compressors ever."

Rob Chiarelli has engineered and mixed for Will Smith, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Ricky Martin, Coolio, Ray Charles and Christina Aguilera to name a few.

Nathan East

"Itís not every day that a piece of gear comes along that raises the standards like the Avalon gear does!  My VT-737SP flies like a 737 and Avalon has taken my sound to the next level. I have used it on numerous million selling records including the latest releases from Babyface, TLC, Boyz to Men, and on projects as diverse as Fourplay, Kenny G, Savage Garden and Madonna. The folks at Avalon continue to develop what I consider to be the highest quality equipment and are truly defining the State-of-the-Art.  As we all continue to grow in our respective fields, itís great to be a part of a team that can absolutely handle the demands of the industry raising the bar to new heights. I am proud to be a member of the Avalon team or should I say, the ďAĒ team!"

Nathan is a sought after musician having worked with, and along side, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Whitney Houston, Elton John, Michael Jackson...

  Eleanor Academia

"The Avalon VT-737SP is peerless!  I just finished recording & mixing my new rock album, soon to be released, using the VT-737SP in so many configurations with incredible results.  Being a musician, engineer, producer and vocalist demands that I seek out the finest, fully loaded High Voltage Pre-Amp, Opto-Compressor, 4-band EQ. I couldnít believe the VT-737SP had it all in spades in one complete unit! Itís profound versatility for recording various instruments, vocals and mixing applications is unsurpassed for high quality, effectiveness, warmth, depth, range and dynamic subtlety. Moreover, I had subjugated myself to a scrutinous A/Bíing test comparing a host of other competitive units, which they proved underachieving to the world class Avalon line. For anyone with serious recording and musical taste, it is THE sexy showpiece for any studio. I know it will turn you on. Iíve been there.  Avalon Rules!"

Produced, written, & performed No. #1 Billboard Hit - Adventure / Columbia Records. Recently finished producing her new solo rock album, WHEN YOU LIVE.  A Multi-level artist, musicians who have played or recorded with ACADEMIA include Joe Zawinul (Weather Report), Steve Gadd (Paul Simon), Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne), Maurice White (Earth, Wind & Fire), Greg & Matt Bissonette (David Lee Roth), Rikki Rockett (Poison). She was awarded Artist of the Year by L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan; was former musical director for the Quincy Jones Workshops & scored for feature films.

   Rob Jacobs

"When Iím working in the studio, I depend on the latest innovations from Avalon to get the right sound. Artists need the freedom to create. If theyíre concerned with whether or not Iím able to capture a performance, it ultimately hurts the final product. Besides itís my job to make sure weíre getting the necessary recording, and Avalon products make my job a whole lot easier! The M5 Pure Class A preamplifier creates an unparallelled vocal intimacy while optimizing absolute signal integrity and the sonic quality canít be matched. I also heavily rely on the AD2055 Equalizer. The clear top end gives a sound that inspires the artist, and the dynamic range appears to reach infinity. Iíve yet to find a musically transparent analog EQ which can compare. Avalon makes me look like I know what Iím doing. If it werenít for Avalonís equipment, I might be flipping burgers for a living!"

Rob Jacobs has engineered for The Eagles, U2 ďRattle and HumĒ, and has currently been working on Don Henleyís new album.

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