Avalon Vt-747sp Kazrog Native Plugin

- August 15, 2023 -

Avalon Design in direct collaboration with Kazrog is proud to release the Avalon VT-747sp Native Plugin. The ultra-high-performance modelling of this unique and musical "classic" has become a leading choice in Mastering Studios around the world.

Originally designed as a "Synthesizer Smoothing Device" the Vt-747sp was immediately recognized for the smooth passive EQ tone and powerful side-chain sweep equalizer incorporated into the very musical Opto Compressor. The Opto timing circuits in this plugin have been enhanced for a greater range than is normally possible with slower acting checmical Optical gain control elements, enhancing the flexibility and dynamic "faster modern" sounds often required today.

Kazrog has delivered a breathtaking "ultra high resolution" masterpiece establishing a new benchmark in Sonic Excellence for the digital world!

Avalon Vt-747sp "Digital Plug-in" Opto Compressor & Passive 6 Band Equalizer

Avalon VT-747 Plugin Features:

  • VT-747sp exclusively licensed by Avalon Design with Kazrog precision modelling.
  • The most flexible Opto-Compressor & Equalizer combination available in a plugin.
  • Best AVALON DESIGN high headroom Optical Compressor combined with a Class A discrete 6 band passive EQ.
  • Dual sweep Equalizers routed to the Opto Compressor Side-chain or directly into the audio path with "listen mode"
  • Compressor sidechain and EQ options selectable pre or post of the audio path.
  • TSP (Tube Signal Path) bypass for 100% solid state-sound.
  • Enhanced Opto Compressor timing options and extended range in side-chain modelling.
  • 32kHz Variable Passive "air band" for classic AVALON "super smooth sheen"


"Kazrog has blown through the limits of digital plugin's and taken hardware modeling to another sonic dimension.....excellent delivery of a Classic Sound! - Wynton R. Morro, President - Avalon Design USA, Nashville, TN


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